Notes About The Playlists


  • You need Spotify
  • The playlists here collate the Festive 50’s from 1976 to 2016.
  • The playlists are counted down from 50 to number one
  • The playlists can be found on the left side menu called # FESTIVE 50 PLAYLISTS
  • They do not include all the tracks for each year as not all are on Spotify
  • Tracks are those available to the UK. Due to licensing issues they may not be available in your country
  • Again due to licensing issues tracks are added and removed and I do my best to keep them updated.
  • Please feel free to leave comments about deletions and additions.

Festive 50 2016

blacstar42 of the 50 tracks that comprosed the 2016 Festive 50 are available on Spotify including for the second year running the number one! Given that it’s by David Bowie that comes as no surprise.

The playlist counts down from 50 to 1.

The full chart can be found at Dandelion Radio.

Once again the full chart is available on Mixcloud courtesy of Dandelion Radio.

Festive 50 2015


There are 40 out of the 50 tracks available that made up the 2015 Festive 50. And for the first time in a couple of years the number 1, Paul by Girl Band,  is on Spotify!

Sadly the number 6 isn’t which is a reworked cover of Half Man Half Biscuit’s I Hate Nerys Hughes (From The Heart) dedicated to the lovely (not) Prime Minster.

You can listen to a recording of the rundown posted to Mixcloud.

Here is the Spotify version minus 10 tracks of course.

Festive 50 2014

nationneedsyouThe Festive Fifty 2014 number one was a tribute by The Cuban Boys on the 10th anniversary of John Peels death. The Nation Needs You is a mash up of excerpts/samples of Peelie speaking (ranting?) over the trademark beats I have come to associate with The Cuban Boys with Status Quo thrown in. It’s not on Spotify but it’s a free download here!

As for the rest of the Festive Fifty 37 of the 50 tracks are on Spotify. The full results can be found here but enjoy the playlist. It counts down from 50 to 1 (or 2 in this case) as usual.

The Festive Fifty 2014 – Cast Your Vote

It’s that time of year again where you can cast your vote towards 2014’s Festive Fifty. Dandelion Radio state:

Vote for your three favourite tracks from the past year, in order of preference. In theory they could be anything, but tracks played on Dandelion Radio (including session tracks and live recordings) or on BBC Radio 1’s special interest shows are what you should have in mind.

Vote here. CD’s are up for grabs too………

Festive 50 2013 Number 43 The Wolfhounds – Divide & Fall


The revitalised Wolfhounds had two entries in the 2013 Festive Fifty and both were on Oddbox Records which in turn also had the highest number of entries for a record label in the chart. Divide & Fall was the 2nd of three 7″ singles they released with Oddbox with the latest one released too late for the voting – I am sure we will see that one in this years Festive Fifty.

Buy it from here.